Cisco forecasts”of mobile traffic between 2014

Global mobile data traffic grew by 69 percent in 2014, reaching the 2.5 exabytes per month by the end of 2014, against the 1.5 exabytes per month by the end of 2013.

In addition radar, from now on, will be able to distinguish the type of vehicle, since speed limits are different for passenger cars, vans, trucks and buses. At the same time it will longer be able to control automatically, to check the registration, if the vehicle has passed the technical inspection of the vehicle (ITV) if circulates without compulsory insurance. What is the tolerance 7? Similarly, María Seguí explained that the DGT has unified the criteria to establish at what speed will skip radar and will proceed to the sanction of the offending driver.

Similarly, two scales are established so the radar fine. In the sections of track with limitations below 100 km/h shall not apply 7% but that it shall be punished from 7 km/h over the speed limit. Thus if it is circular to 30 km/h, the radar will act from 38 km/h, already including the margin of error. This is done so because at these speeds so low, apply 7%, radar multaría to 33 km/h. From 30 to 33 km/h, it is very difficult for the driver to know if it exceeds the limits unless you have a digital speedometer.

From 100 km/h and applies the detractor margin of 7%, with what, for example, if the limit is 120 radar adult traffic will jump to 131 mph. This is because if at 131 km/h it subtracts 7% it is 121 km/h, which already exceeds the established limit.

Ultimately the DGT is to convince drivers that radars are not put to collection mode. That it will announce the sections which will be mobile phones and that unifying the margin of error for all radars. It is an exercise in transparency. Associations of motorists, to please the different associations of motorists, motorists and victims have been in favor of the new strategy of the DGT. speed control, the State Association of victims of accidents (DIA) says that with the knowledge of the location of these systems will be “many lifting the foot off the accelerator and lives may be saved “, and also avoid the sudden braking”.