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JUAN FERNANDO ROJAS editor of the time a group of guys who make music with wireless technology through the camera of a handheld computer.

To stimulate the early followers. A big change can only result in conditions that allow variation. This is how biological evolution took place. In most of the world, a problem of education lies in its inability to deal with a rapidly changing modern world. New school I liked because it gives teachers (and kids!) more opportunity initiative.

Educate the public. The majority of people are unable to imagine a form very different from learning to which they received. Lack of imagination is also applied to the subjects. For them, “Mathematics” means the math they learned (learned) in the College. And this is only a part of the mathematical knowledge that is taught because in the past it was more mathematics practice and could be taught using pen and paper. It continues teaching only because he has molded into a kind of concrete cultural and bureaucratic. Hardly something that would appear if we could start making an outline of mathematics for schools.

The subject in universities. Educational discussion in academic contexts is almost always about how to teach and not what to teach. For example, there are hundreds of books and documents on how to teach fractions and problems to learn them. I have not found one serious about why they both insist on teaching young people this issue.

In this context, I would like to clarify two concepts: Microeducologia and Macroeducologia. It is necessary to think about educational actions at these two levels. Simplifying, one could say that Best Quadcopter the microeducologia deals with how individuals learn and how schools; and the macroeducologia, about the learning environment in which schools exist.